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An online course on the bonus system of OP-Pohjola provides practical training on system changes
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An online course on the bonus system of OP-Pohjola provides practical training on system changes

Changes to legislation and management systems are part of everyday life in the banking sector. Often, the changes take immediate effect in the work of those serving customers. For this reason, communication and training related to the changes must effectively be made available to those who need them.

Prewise delivered an online course on the bonus system of the OP-Pohjola Group. We interviewed Project Manager Minna Nieminen at OP-Pohjola.

Why did you choose online training?

- The OP-Pohjola Group has nearly 200 independent OP (Osuuspankki) banks as members. When developing new services or making changes to our operating models, our opportunities to provide training for the employees of the banks are limited.

- In system changes, online courses are the best way to offer training for all employees at the same time. Besides, this is the only way to keep the content consistent.

What goals did you set for the training?

- Our goal was to create an online course that can either be used independently or to support classroom teaching. The course was also intended to support the orientation training of new employees and serve as a revision tool on our operating methods for old employees.

- The goal was to train employees on the use of the bonus system in a motivating and easy-to-understand manner. We also aimed for cost-efficiency.

The start screen offers access to the different sections. Modular content enables the course to be used for revision purposes.

What are your experiences of the project and collaboration with Prewise?

- The collaboration was excellent. Prewise gave us several alternatives for the structure and layout of the online course. We received good instructions on how to proceed with the planning of the content. The people working on the project at Prewise were quick to sense what we wanted – sometimes it almost felt like they were able to read our thoughts. The project progressed on schedule. Most important, despite the tight schedule and other challenges, we had a great deal of fun.

What challenges do projects such as this include? Were you able to overcome them?

- The greatest challenge was to estimate the time required to plan the content of an online course. Even though the content kept expanding as we went along and changes were made to the system during the project, we were always presented with a fully functional solution.

Customer case studies were used to introduce the system to employees.

Have you received feedback from bank employees?

- The feedback has been plenty and positive since the day the online course was launched. The employees feel that the course was designed in response to their needs.

"A fun and educational course. The illustrative images make it easier to remember things in practice with customers."

"A very clearly presented online course. All things were made easy to understand. Thank you for that!"
"An excellent course. I will certainly revise the material later. I also learned new things. I recommend this course for everyone!"

Text: Hanna Nissinen

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