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Hello, everyone!

The supervisors of today have a coaching approach to management. Instead of giving ready answers and assignments, they ask their employees: “How would you solve this?”

I have had an opportunity to learn about the coaching approach to supervisory work for a while now. The 360-degree evaluation offered by our MPS sister company, was an eye-opening experience – particularly because an experienced consultant reviewed my results with me. In an hour and a half, I learned more about myself than I had learned in a year and a half before that. I realised that I was one of the many who had fallen into the supervisor trap: I thought I should know everything and know how to do everything.

Of course, supervisors must be aware of their statutory obligations and fulfil them. However, the rest is about interaction, about interpretations of the company strategy and its implementation and about learning new things. This is something that concerns everyone in an organisation.

We are often asked how Prewise’s tools and solutions support supervisors in their work. Based on my own experiences, I would like to respond that they support supervisors just as they support everyone else – because supervisors are no different from everyone else.

However, that is not entirely true. Supervisors need tools for the management of human behaviour: for interpretation, monitoring and communication. The solution can be an online course demonstrating the effects of legislative changes to employees’ day-to-day work, a support package for online team meetings, an opportunity to monitor a team’s learning performance – you name it. You can read more about our solutions in our newsletter.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself. Have a little mercy: no one knows everything, can do everything or has time for everything. 

Eevi Kuokkanen
Instructional Design Director,
Prewise Oy

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